What Is The Value Of My Personal Injury Claim?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: "What is the value of my claim?" Well, when we sit down together for the first time, I really don't know. And most lawyers, they're not going to know either, and if they're telling you they know, maybe you want to start taking another look at different lawyers. When you determine the value of your claim, many factors go into it: how the accident took place, what your injuries are, is everything related to the accident, what do your doctors say, what are your future medical expenses going to look like? Many factors go into determining what the value of your claim is. So when somebody is telling you you have a claim worth this amount or that amount, you might want to be talking to a professional to determine exactly what factors go into what your case is valued at. So if you have questions regarding the value of your case, feel free to call me, attorney Eric Canter, locally: 561-447-4500, or 24 hours 7 days a week toll-free, 800-830-8386, for a free consultation.