Recovering Damages for a Slip & Fall Accident in a Store

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Hello, I'm attorney Eric Canter and I represent individuals involved in slip and fall accidents.

Over the years, I've been asked many times, "If I slip and fall in the store, am I entitled to damages?"

Well, if you slip and fell in the store, you have to be able to prove the store did something wrong that caused you to fall. For instance, if I come to your house and slip and fall over my own two feet, am I entitled to damages from you or your homeowner's carrier? No, because I slipped and fell over my own two feet.

However, if you left egg on the floor and didn't tell me about it, and I slipped and fell and broke my hip and sustained injuries and medical expenses and loss of earnings, then yes, I have a claim against you. So if you slip and fall in the store and sustain injuries, if the store did something wrong, if they knew about something that they should have corrected, then you may have a claim for your slip and fall injuries.

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